Selah Dance Collective, Inc is a contemporary dance company dedicated to producing original work, creating educational experiences through performance, and maintaining a platform for community dance works and emerging artists through outreach, education, and mentorship.


Selah Dance Collective, Inc (or SELAH), a Santa Barbara-based contemporary dance company, creates and performs worldwide original work by artistic director and founder Meredith Cabaniss. Founded in 2014, SELAH has captured the attention of fellow artists, presenters, and audiences with its innovative work and challenging physicality grounded by a focus to make dance more accessible and relatable to all people. Known for our personality, dynamic style, and technical versatility, SELAH explores the nature of human existence through the art of movement. As a company, we are fueled by interdisciplinary research and collaboration, especially in working with other small dance companies to produce evening-length performances with a variety of different influences and inspirations. We are inspired by the innovative communities of Southern California and New York, constantly igniting long-range artistic work that stretches the boundaries of technology and art. SELAH also advocates for expanding arts exposure and dance education, working within different organizations to bring art, specifically dance, to underserved communities. 

In the past five years, we have performed our work both in festivals and in our own evening-length productions throughout New York and California and have been invited to perform internationally in Asia and Europe. We have created a total of 11 works including five evening-length pieces and two pieces by invited guest choreographers, and have been presented in four countries. We have taken anywhere from a year and a half for a 45-minute work to just a few hours to create and perform a three-minute score. Click below to learn about the dancers of SELAH.